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FOREVER YOUNG – ANTIAGE FACE MASK *CONCENTRATED* with iris, hyaluronic acid and phytoretinol

Forever Young is an anti-aging concentrated mask that will regenerate your skin.
This mask is an intensive treatment which makes the skin toned, invigorated and
compact. As well as focusing on specific actions, the purpose of Wonder Pop
masks is maintaining and assuring the general wellness of the skin.
reinforces skin’s defenses, chicory prebiotics reb
clay and rice powder have a protective and calming action. The anti
performed by phytoretinol, hyaluronic acid and pomegranate constitutional
Caffeine works on cellular oxygenation. The skin will appear brighter and more

Directions for use

In order to activate the ingredients contained in the mask, moisten your face with
water, hydrosol or constitutional water and then apply a
product will become soft and easy to spread with a brush. Leave it on for 10-15
minutes and then use lukewarm water to remove it more easily.
You can apply this mask on the entire face or you can combine it with the other
Wonder Pop masks, creating your customized beauty routine.
Use it once or twice a week, a single Wonder Pop mask will be enough for 25 facial


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