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Our Story

DivineCare is based in Stockholm and was founded in 2022.The products on our website are from italy.Together  we saw a unique opportunity  for high-quality products at a reasonable price.All our beauty products are formulated and created in italy with love,to ensure the best efficacy and a natural skin, body and hair care, while respecting people’s health and the environment.

All our raw materials are carefully selected through first-hand relationships with small local producers in italy.Our products are GMO and petrochemical-free.

Our goal is to create effective and safe products and take care of you, by meeting all your natural beauty and skin care needs, while respecting you, your loved ones and our World.

Our products are vegan,cruelty free,bio and organic.

La Saponaria organic cosmetics tell a story of wonderful and effective ingredients, good for your skin and for the environment, sustainable projects and many people who dream of a better world.


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